I was told I was the most face value SubGenii they have met -- ironic, seeing as how I'm the one in the mask

No One Care

Nobody cares…

…Nobody cares because the powers that be – I mean politicians, the clergy, the media, and the corporations – ALL OF THEM – are complacent in the machine of the Conspiracy to keep mankind ignorant and fearful for their own glorification. This is really beyond just a bunch of greedy bastards overfeeding at the troth – this is a deliberate attempt to destroy the monetary system – plain and simple.

AmeriKa is a nation founded by slave-owning tax dodgers, expanded on the corpse of the indigenous people – and is currently putting a choke-hold on the rest of the world. Virtually every problem the world is facing we have some stake in, and as a collective nation, willfully continue to throw napalm on an already out of control fire.

We are already slaves – we have an illusion of ‘freedom’ – but as the song says “Freedom’s just another word for ‘nothing left to lose.’” I can make this statement because I have lost everything in my life twice. If there ever be a third time – I will not go quietly.

… and nobody will care…

… Nobody will care because everyone has something to lose and are afraid of rocking the boat, lest they lose something. The human race were once great hunters – it is because of this feature we have moved ourselves up the food chain – but the collective of this country has lost its stomach for blood! Not the blood you see on the TV screen or in the cinema – but the blood on one’s hands after a fresh kill.

They have lost this taste for so long, it has become repulsive to them. This creates a fear of blood. This fear creates fear for the flesh – and we become slaves to our own fear – which the predators of the modern age know how to exploit – using tried and true methods thousands of years in the crafting.

These fools no longer want to get their hands dirty and are looking for someone to do their dirty work. The sheep have become accustomed to the shepherd to the point that every thought is shepherd. It is no coincidence that the number of media owners has shrunk from over 30 not 25 years ago down to 5 in 2010. The narrative created has become brain candy for the intellectually lazy and perfect fodder to sustain the rage of the self absorbed ‘baby boomers’ going crazy the fact they are losing their hold on the illusion of their 'middle class' and add to the confusion of a generation of young voters who have no fucking clue of the world beyond MTV and Blackberries – all the while bleating for preprogrammed change proscribed by those who seek to take advantage of them.

… And no one will care…