I was told I was the most face value SubGenii they have met -- ironic, seeing as how I'm the one in the mask

The Greatest Science Fiction Villain of them all -- Scorpius


"I long ago learned the advantages of patience."

The scariest person in the room never has to apologize for anything. Not torture, or murder, or the single-minded pursuit of a mother Leviathan and her newborn baby, or for driving our heroes to the brink of insanity. For Scorpius, it's all in a day's work.

The product of a Scarran assault on his Sebacean mother, Scorpius grew up among his father's people, hated and despised as a hybrid weakling. The Scarrans spent cycles trying to torture the Sebacean tendencies out of him. He eventually escaped and made his way to the Peacekeepers, who found his intelligence and ruthlessness useful enough to promote him to head scientific programs at their secret Gammak base. His overriding interest was to defeat the Scarrans, whom he loathes, and advance the Peacekeepers into the Uncharted Territories -- by whatever means necessary.

As a Sebacean/Scarran, Scorpius is regarded as a "half-breed," and therefore not equal to his Sebacean Peacekeeper compatriots, despite several physically superior traits which he possesses. He is capable of seeing further into the light spectrum, which allows him to see the energy signature of living beings. This unique ability also enables him to see subtle shifts in those energy signatures -- thereby detecting people's lies. He is also stronger than most Sebaceans, and as the main researcher on wormhole, remains one of the Peacekeeper' leading scientists in military weapons development.

His body suit is designed to regulate his internal temperature due to his Scarran half in need of heat which his Sebacean half is vulnerable to. Cooling rods are regularly inserted into the cavities in his head, which maintain thermal constancy, allowing his two halves to live in equilibrium. These rods must be periodically replaced; otherwise, his body might literally kill itself.

In every other way, he is far more competent and determined than those around him. His hybrid background may explain why he lacked military rank for so long, and why he found it necessary to finesse his way into a command through indirect means. Under most circumstances, Scorpius presents a calm and confidently amused face, seeming utterly certain of his eventual victory over those who oppose him.

He can be frighteningly polite to his victims, rarely raising his voice even when thwarted. His anger is terrible to behold, however; when he is surprised, or frustrated by sudden difficulties, he is capable of lashing out at anyone that thwarts him. A master of intellectual manipulation, he prefers not to use violence in reaching his goals, but his physical strength -- coupled with an intimate knowledge of pain and torture -- make him a fearsome foe in any circumstances. His skills are unparalleled, and he possesses one of the keenest minds in the known universe.

If there are any lengths Scorpius won't go to, or any ethical scruples that might prevent him from reaching his goals, he has yet to show them. When the wormhole information is finally in his possession, Scorpius's power in the Uncharted Territories will be substantial. He looks forward to developing powerful new weapons with this hard-fought knowledge… then unleash them on the hated Scarrans who caused him so much pain.

John Crichton remains a source of concern for him, and for good reason. The Peacekeepers had accepted the high cost of his pursuit for a time, but eventually Scorpius begins to lose the respect of his subordinates and the Peacekeeper High Command. And if he fails in his task, or if Crichton -- or Talyn – interfere with Scorpius' latest Gammak project, the Peacekeeper scientist's fate may be sealed.

However, when it comes to personal survival, Scorpius has proved many times that he possesses a truly uncanny brilliance. The Scarrans may soon have much to worry about from a creature they once dismissed as a weakling -- and Scorpius wouldn't have it any other way.

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