I was told I was the most face value SubGenii they have met -- ironic, seeing as how I'm the one in the mask

To find her

The specter of rage is my constant shadow

Ever lurking in the nooks and corners

The heavy hammer of righteous indignation

While also a burden too large to bear

It has sharpened the blade of mental conflict

At the same time blunts the heart

The red glow of anger burns so hot and bright

That it is sometimes all I know

It has been the warmth that comforts

And the flame that scars

It has attracted those who share my vision

But also driven away those who share my heart

Family and friends torn apart by this beast

This monster that lurks in the recesses of my soul

It fuels the voice with enough strength to rattle the heavens

But can also instill fear in the souls of the innocent

Such a wicked beast to frighten unnecessarily

A curse I've had to accept as to be the end of me

A lonely road no one but I can travel

A rock to drown my heart

And to drag my soul down into the darkness

A curse of isolation and solitude

Until I met you

I see your eyes hold steadfast

I hear your voice unwavering

The monster roars and destroys

And yet you stand your ground

And with the softness of the embrace

And the sweetness of the sound of your voice

The monster shrinks back

The darkness falls from my eyes

The red glow cools

And all that is left is a kiss




-- Yeah, I know it's sappy. So what.

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Anonymous said...

She seems like a lucky gal.